Aghrab Haye Kashti Bambak

Bambak`s Scorpions
Page: 276 ,14.5×21 cm, Paperback, Ages 12+ All Rights Available
Kholu, a southern teenage boy works as gravestone-washer in the city cemetery with his friends. They create a gang, calling it the Scorpions and turn a wrecked abandoned ship as their hangout. The cemetery both their playground and workplace is called the asylum by them. Events of the story take place during the Islamic revolution in 1979. In a dark chilling night, a group of men drive to the cemetery trying to bury a suitcase. The scorpion boys catch them off guard and shoo them away. The men take off and the next morning the boys discover what they were hiding, a suitcase full of manuscripts, books and pictures of a mustached man. Kholu takes two books and hides it in his home eventually finding the owner of the suitcase from the portraits inside, the same people who tried to dispose it. Thus Kholu sets foot inside the house and into the lives of people from another social class, much different to his own. He meets their teenage son and introduces him to the gang of scorpions…